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This isn't about *bickering* or finding solutions to meet eveyone's needs. It is about a team in bankruptcy. It is about someone who has no stake in the bankruptcy (JB) and his opinions are good for nadda. It is about following league rules as they stand today, forget all the rhetoric about whether something may violate antitrust laws; that is another matter but if JB feels that way then maybe he should just forge ahead and file a suit, but antitrust issues have no place in the bankruptcy court. All it does is muddle the issue which I am sure is part of JB's plan. I do not believe the judge has any jurisdication over the issue of relocation; his function is to determine how the creditors get paid.... either by auction or by dissolution. If JB wins the auction then he becomes the owner of the team, assuming he is approved by the league and they stay in Glendale. If he wants to relocate then he has to follow league rules whether he believes there is no front door or not. In the end no one gives a hoot what JB's personal opinions about leauge rules are; if you want to get in their game you play by their rules.,,, end of story. If you don't like their rules then don't play the game. Everyone learned that in grade school Jim....were you sick that day and missed out on that teaching?

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