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It is time for the Spectator to dismiss ANYTHING that comes out of Balsillies mouth in the future as anything but a lonely man living in Disney Land.... Please Jim, go away, there will be no team in Hamilton and you will likely never be an owner of any franchise. You have made your own bed and now it is time to lie in it. Good Riddance

3 problems with the Toronto bid

1. Until there is a fix for the 6 or 8 ailing franchises expansion is a non-issue. Lawsuits would be numerous from teams who have been denied a sale/transfer to this market

2. Toronto Maple Leafs will oppose ANY application to put a team in their territory so if this hurddle can be overcome there will already be a second southern Ontario team and if the hurddle cannot be overcome then the bid dies before its even submitted

3. Talking about having a billion dollars is nice but until someone with that kind of money actually comes forward can we really believe the money is there

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