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Old age security starting at age 67 in 10yrs from now, that is insane what about those who are ill and could use that money to make their final days a bit happier or those that are forced to retire early, i personally think it should be younger not older, this is just another way to get the old folks working themselves into a heart attack so the government doesn't have to pay and don't think for a second they never thought of that. The old age security should be given at 60 not 67 like come on is 67 what they are deeming as old. So much for my vote having a say in things.

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Budget Overview

  • Measures to buoy up business and pare down government are key to a federal budget that flatlines spending and ratchets down the deficit. Highlights of the Harper Conservatives’ second budget as a majority government:
    • Production of the penny ends this fall, saving $11 million a year.
    • Business stimulants include $1.1 billion in R&D funding, $500 million for venture capital and $205 million in small business hiring credits.
    • Youth job skills training gets $50 million over two years.
    • Spending cuts of $5.2 billion by 2014-15, through leaner government operations.
    • Elimination of 19,200 federal jobs, 4.8 per cent of the workforce, to cost $900 million.
    • Federal employees to make higher pension contributions and, after next election, MPs and senators may pay higher pension share.
    • CBC’s $1.15-billion budget cut by 10 per cent over three years.
    • Eligibility for Old Age Security rises to 67, beginning in 2023
    • Employment Insurance reforms include $482 million over two years for work incentives.
    • Deficit of $21.1 billion for 2012-13, projected to disappear by 2015.
    • Total spending up 0.11 per cent to $276.1 billion, rising just 2.1 annually after that. Revenue of $255 billion in 2012-13.
    The Hamilton Spectator

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