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craig duvall

They should of put city council in front of it, people would still be laughing

Burke Austin

Who cares Emma, lets have some comment on potential tax hikes.


Burke Austin - I care! It doesn't have to be all work, all the time. There's a little room for levity on this blog amongst all the political drama.

Burke Austin

ok, I agree, good job today


Thanks Burke :)


I'm guessing it was stock footage they found, but it appeared once again in yesterday's SNL episode.


i saw it.. but it was a darts competition :)

Mark Smith

I saw it again this past weekend, and it looked like a different shot than the ones used previously.

Tom Robertson

Maybe to make amends to the child not allowed on the ice because of his wheelchair, council should direct the rec department to offer free ice time at Copps Coliseum or a city arena of the family's choice to hold a fundraising skateathon for their charity.

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