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craig duvall

This all seems to be no surprise to me.It seems no city or town officials want to know the truth.I am having same problem with elected officials in Haldimand County.What the hell are we electing these days.I really feel an impeachment law should start happning here.

Mark-Alan Whittle

After contacting my Alderman Scott Duvall to voice my concerns over these disturbing allegations, this is what he had to say about it (below the hash mark).

Massive firings should be the result, after a outside forensic auditors team roots out the corruption from within.
Hi Mark

Thanks for your email and concerns.

I can tell you Councillors are concerned of these serious allegations and will be questioning Staff and will work out a strategy of an investigation.

As we just received this, time will be needed for answers.

It seems everyday I wake up, a new bad eye for Hamilton. It is frustrating not only for the residents but Council too.

Wish you and your family a safe and Merry Christmas.


Tom Robertson

If I was the Integrity Commissioner who is going to be named tonight I would quickly call the city and withdraw my application for the job. Councllors and the Mayor have to realize the buck stops with them and have to take full responsibility for the messes going on within the city. I'm sure they will be blaming staff but not fire anyone with just cause and no severance.

craig duvall

talk talk talk, cheap word i would say, seems they are allways sorry


This is just the tip of the iceberg....let's get an audit done...there is misuse of our tax dollars at every level in this city.

In order to hide it they continually raise our taxes, apply new surcharges...

We need more accountability from this mayor and council

Call in the provincial auditor general...and how about getting our only newspaper and tv station to do some real investigative reporting instead of a quick story and then on to some thing else.

Burke Austin

Wow folks, I just downloaded the 19 page e-mail and this is explosive stuff. And you know what I beleive every word this man is saying. Our group has been dealing with Mr. Harnum and his crew for a couple of years now about the sludge incinerator they wants build on Woodward Ave. and it has been like pulling teeth. They not only want to hide things from the public but hide things from Council as well, that spells trouble, when accountability fails, what happens, according to Mr. Khan "The projected rates curve suggest that the future rates would be unsustainable and unaffordable; potentially making wastewater services in Hamilton the most expensive in Canada"
A great palce to raise a family, to do business, NOT


Nice to see our media perform some dredging
so long as IT doesn't lead to dragging the
harbour to uncover the mess. We wouldn't
want to disturb Randle Reef's rehab.

Thanks for sharing Emma and John.


Abdul Khan for mayor thats what i think

Michelle Hruschka

Mr Khan is a hero in my books and we, in the community must stand behind him.

Let us see the spin in the next few days, no accountability, no transparency.

How can we trust anything anymore?

Michelle Hruschka

Check this out:



I am happy to report that Cal DiFalco has
just done an interview with Mr. Abdul Kahn:



in your recent report 'Khan claims he raised concerns in spring' - there is an option. in the City interview process,interviewers are provided questionnaire and they ask questions from that and generally record the answers provided in there. now if khan claims that he mentioned his sewage plant concerns during the interview then there are chances that it may be recorded on the questionnaire. why not Spectator FOI the questionnaires

Mark-Alan Whittle

Good idea sanity, anyone can file an FOI and it only cost's five bucks. Problem is, it will get stone-walled by the clerks department. I figure all that paperwork has been shredded and doesn't exist anymore.

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