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Clearly Bratina is more of the problem then any part of the solution. It seems very evident that Bratina is a flake!



Bratina's comments =mental midget and dysfunctional. Merulla's comments=substance,style and patience.



If Hamiltonians really care about our future, let's throw the bums out in September when we vote in the municipal election.

Tom Robertson

Instead of acting like clowns these 2 aldermen if they were worthy for the job should have been contacting the Mayor and the rest of council to show a united front and sit down with Labatt's in an attempt to broker a deal to keep the beer making equipment here and make it a more attractive property for investors. October can't come soon enough.


I believe the emails indicate Bratina as the instigator. I find Merulla's responses to be reflective of an Alderman standing up not only for a grass roots person like Kuruc but also for the workers and residents of this city. The venom thrown at Bratina may be justified but
the same can't be applied to Merulla. Critical thinking is an intelligent process to make these decisions. Brainless criticism does no one any good.

Tom Robertson

If you read this last statement in the opening comment it is pretty obvious that the dimwit Merulla was forwarding these e-mails to the media as another stupid stunt to get attention for himself.

"Then a journalist from Sportsnet shot this email:
Must our assignment desk e-mail be subjected to this?

To which Merulla replied:
Yes if you are in the news business."

Sam it's time you start doing some brain exercises and bulk up your ability to think.


The fact of the matter is people need to stand up and fight back. Hamilton has had far to many closures and we need to do whatever we can to try and prevent this from happening. Should we boycott Labatt's? Sure why not. They will still do what they want to do but we "as a city" can fight back. After all, who cares about all of the people they are putting out of work...as long as their beer sells right??? BOYCOTT LABATT'S. Lakeport should remain in Hamilton. Send Bratina to London instead....clearly he doesn't care much about what happens in our city.
Cheers to Hamilton!!!


For once Bobby, why don't you just focus on the issue here. The issue is not between you and Councillor Merulla, the issue is all of the people, some of which live in your ward, that will soon be out of work. Focus on that for a while and understand where we are coming from. Stand up for your constituents and for your city and fight back will ya.


Tom Robertson:

I find it astonishing that if an Alderman is open and transparent by communicating publicly its a stunt but what is the alternative? Secret and closed door discussions? I don't think so any communication between politicians about important public matters belongs in an open forum. I applaud Merulla for his openness and transparency because the alternative does not belong in a democratic environment. God forbid that a public official makes a public matter public through the media! Lol. Give your head a shake Mr Robertson.

Former Emp

1. Merulla should learn how to spell "Labatt"

2. Labatt will NEVER allow the plant to stand as it is today. They will SCRAP it as opposed to leaving it for a competitor to spring up.

Tom Robertson

I think it is time for Our Mayor to accept an invitation to make a statement here on whether this leaking of correspondence between 2 councillors to the media has been reported to our taxpayer paid Integrity Commissioner. While he is commenting he can also update us all on the status of the current investigations Basse and Associates have underway and when we can expect it to be reported to the Hamilton citizens. If he maintains his silence it will speak loudly on his own integrity that was the basis for his campaign in the last election.

Dan Jelly

Did anyone really expect 'Bend-over Bob' to take an actual stance against an unscrupulous corporation?

Maybe he can talk his buddies at Vrancor into supporting Labatt by serving their products in that new hotel at Main and Bay that they're never going to build. Can they serve beer in their illegal parking lot?

Kudos to Kuruc. At least somebody downtown knows what they're doing.


This is why councillors should not have blackberries.
Most of our counillors, not just these guys, have lost touch with what their mandate is. Their job is to make sure the roads, sidewalks, garbage, etc are looked after. They have no influence on job retention or development in our city. Look after the infrustructure and then maybe someone will move their business here.


Businesses come and go, thats life, but everytime it happens we see just how ridiculously disfunctional our council is. I can only hope we make our vote count this time.
As for Labatts beer, hate the stuff never drank it. Lakeport, I think I went there one time 20 yrs ago during the strike, meh!!


If anyone here has even the slightest inkling of business the whole idea was to close Lakeport when they bought it. Cascioli took it as far as it could go without spending tens of millions to add on and buy new equipment. She brought it up to a 5% market share and Labatt (whether you like it or not) made a good business decision to buy it and close it instead of competing against it.

Anyone with good business sense knew this was going to happen after the Competition Bureau gave its final approval of the sale last fall, almost 2 1/2 years after the sale. Do you not think they knew this was going to happen? If I was in Labatt's shoes I would dismantle the equipment also because that is what I want.... no more low cost competion. Bratina lives in a pipe dream and Merulla his actions speak for themselves.

If you want to take up a cause then go after Siemens. There is hanky panky there for sure. Who knew what, where, when and why? It is time we revamped our laws to allow enticements to corporations. The province knew they were going and I am sure most of the local politicians knew there was something going on. Go after these imbeciles at city hall for that, Labatts was a forgone conclusion three years ago.

Tom Robertson

Gabe...If you think this public display of childish behavior by an elected official instills any confidence in people considering an investment in Hamilton you better give your head a shake. Instead of sitting at his desk making smug public statements to the media he should have been on the phone to other small brewers in an attempt to set up some negotiations that could lead to a worthwhile offer to purchase the brewery and equipment. That is what a responsible elected official should have been doing instead of sitting at his desk making a fool of himself. Hopefully in October the voters will send Sam off in search of yet another job where he can live off of the public trough.


It's all about numbers. Nothing more, nothing less.

Michelle Hruschka

Irregardless of the hyperbole on this issue, more fellow workers in our community are losing ther jobs and the multinationals continue their battle against the workers and our fellow community members.

There comes a time, when the people need to stand together.

Bread and Roses:


The poverty numbers will continue to rise!


In response to everyone defending Bob Bratina... Are you nuts? Do you think you will be able to negotiate with a beer giant who essentially purchased Lakeport in order to put it out of business? The machines are going to be utilized for expansion in London. Mr. Bratina I was once a Ward 2 constituent and have seen you "operate." It's not that good. Focus yourself on the next real battle, and that's losing the stadium to an alternate venue because the Hamilton Tiger Cats don't want it in the "North End." Sam, I completely agree with you. We should boycott Labatt products. Molson would love us. Teresa Cascioli says it "was a sad moment" when she heard yesterday about the closure that will throw 143 people out of work, but the right call? Give your head a shake.

Mike Savelli

You think this is bad.... tune into council meetings wed night!!

Tom Robertson

So now after the bad mouthing by Councillor Merulla and an attempt to boycott Labatt's will they be interested in putting any of the millions of sponsorship money they give away into Hamilton projects. If my memory has not failed me yet I believe Labatt's offered a large sponsorship deal to back up Jim Balsillie's attempt to bring NHL hockey to Hamilton. Way to go Sam.Way to go Dave Kuruc. Thank you both for the benefits you have just brought to the city. I heard this afternoon on CHML news where Brick Brewing has interest in buying and operating this brewery. Trying to facilitate this is what our councillors should have been focusing on instead of acting like jerks for the media.

Donald J. Lester

It's becoming and epidemic, Goodyear just announced that it's closing it's doors in Ontario and moving to the US as of Sept. 2010. Governments wast tax dollars like water flowing over Niagara Falls and what is left, tax and tax...including spending millions on day care in the name of kindergarten- buying votes.If this epidemic continues we will all be on the provinces payroll. It won't belong the whole province looks like Hamilton's downtown, more taxes and less jobs.


Ick, it's embarassing to see these two elected officials act like this. Why were these emails leaked to the media? (By the sounds of Merulla's first email, "This is too important of an issue to sit in our hands", I assume it was him)

The issue of losing jobs has now turned into an issue of Sam Merulla vs. Bob Bratina. Let's grow up and focus on the real problem, please.

kathy  Hagan

I am afraid that with the kind of councillors we have in Hamilton right now we don't have a hope of attracting business or encouraging those we have to stay. That said I believe Labatts meant to close that plant from the start. Let us vote in some decent hard working folk on the new council this year, we are going no where fast with this one.

Daniel Walker

I think it somewhat disappointing that two city councillors argue like this online... is this how business is conducted at city hall?

The brewery is obviously viable if Labatt want to tear it apart and leave it an empty shell. I wouldn't be surprised if Ms. Cascioli had some inkling that this would happen when she sold the brewery back in 2007. In hindsight her purchase of Lakeport seems nothing more than a glorified "Flip This House" episode. Spruce the business up a bit and then flip it for a profit... I wonder if she was counting her cash when she made the "sad moment" comment.

Sad day for Hamilton... shame on Labatts. They could have sold the business instead of this scorched earth thing their doing.

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