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Brian Henley

What has been sad is how the Hamilton City Hall was allowed to deteriorate so badly throughout the 1980's and 1990's in particular. Basic upkeep in that period would have meant a much quicker and less expensive renovation.
As to retention of the 1960 building versus something totally new, the problem would have been money - despite the seemingly high figure of $74 million for the renovation, a totally new building, big enough for all staff, on an adequate site would surely have cost much more than that.
Besides the building itself, what is positive about the present City Hall is the possibility of improving the public spaces around it - unfortunately the current effort did not address that need. Certainly some basic functional things, like handicapped walkways and the like, have been upgraded in the public space area but no beautification - anybody noticed the weak effort done as regards the fountains?
The next step should be to do something better with the City Hall surroundings and try to integrate them with all the public spaces in the vicinity (Board of Education, Commonwealth Square etc.) This kind of effort in an area could have a great impact. This would not be costly but would take some public interaction - something which did not happen with the renovation of the building itself.

Allison Gowling

What is sad is that City is still an eyesore, compared to the granduer of the old City Hall, which was a beautiful building.

Many cities, except Hamilton, have strived to keep the beautiful, older building with character, while Hamilton lets everything fall down.

The entire downtown core is still an eyesore due to the stupidity of this, and past, councils and cleaning up the fountain or letting buildings fall down through neglect is not being progressive.

It is time for someone with vision and intelligence to be on council or in the Mayor's chair.

There is certainly none present in either right now, and has not been present for some 35 years.

Allison Gowling

Dan Jelly

The discolouration on the exterior cladding is disappointing and it's only going to look worse over time. Why restore something if you're only going to do a poor job of it? The wrong materials were chosen and should never have been allowed to go on the building once the flaws were found.

I'll reserve my judgement on the project as a whole after I see the interior this evening.

steve sheen

Well I think the spending of millions to merely renovate was some what rediculouse.I think the money should have gone into a newer more vibrant look for the future of Hamilton,I would also like to comment on the resurfacing of Main Street East in front of City Hall, that of why didnt the city resurface further on to John St.Very bumpy there.

Kathy Hagan

I have not had time to view the interior of the " new" city hall but I am appalled at the horrible cladding { pseudo marble}
Parking has not been improved and the whole courtyard leaves a lot to be done. When I have checked the interior I will further comment.

Donald J. Lester

What's done is done, there is no point of crying for what could or should have been done...It seems local politicians are so divided that they can't agree on anything...it's little wonder that the public don't know if they are coming or going...

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