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Understanding, but upset none the less, to see Morelli step back from this. The current stadium is in his district and what I would like to know is, why 'honestly', hasn't there been any talks about the present location re: buildling the new site at the old Scott Park High School and totally re-working both the school grounds and the current Ivor Wynne grounds - switching stadium site and parking/tailgate site.

Great coverage by the way.


Tom Robertson

It looks by the way council is dealing with this the Pan-Am committee will be pulling the plug on Hamilton real soon and we will all have Bob Young to thank for it. Council should have the backbone to re-approve the west harbour site very quickly to save the games. If we lose the stadium funding the city can sell Ivor Wynne to the Cats for a dollar and stop all subsidies to the team.


Tom for Mayor!


You can't say blame Bob Young for this debacle. If he's the main tennant and is forking out some money to help buid this, then shouldn't he have much say in the matter. If you don't have the 'Cats then after 2 weeks of Pan Am Games what are you left with. A giant high school stadium??? We know the neighbours won't allow concerts and such... remember Pink Floyd!!! Let Young have his say and not bury a stadium where no one can get to it.

Allan Taylor

How can you blame Bob Young for the moronic behavior at city hall today? Pull your head out of your behind and look at what happened. These guys couldn't organize a 2 car funeral without creating a crisis

Cam Brown

The sad thing is this debacle is a self-inflicted wound. The mayor was stubborn and impetuous in not listening to the TiCat concerns and in fact hiding them from the rest of council. Two conclusions are clear: 1. We either lose the PanAm games as well as the TiCats to the city; or we force them into a stadium they don't like and open up our taxpayer wallets to accomplish this...how sad and tragic. This bunch has got to go...beginning at the top.

Kathy Hagan

Great coverage Emma.
Once again this council is dithering and I totally agree with a poster that we will probably lose the stadium. Council should not be going in camera again and I do not buy that it is to protect the Tiger cats. Bob Young should have come forward sooner,
What a pathetic bunch of people we have running our city.

Tom Robertson

Jeff...How can Bob Young be considered a tenant when he is subsidized by the city 1.3 million per year to play at Ivor Wynne. I have seen no statements from him or his organization that they are prepared to pay rent or contribute to the costs of building a stadium. These are the first questions council should have the facilitator take to him and his response be made public.

T Roberts

Ticats- some poser said main tenant? What? Ten dates a year are a main tenant? Oh! And they cost you money? That's not a tenant fools. That's a money losing on going Liability. For who? 20,000 ( fans?) maybe ?
Want to build a winner. Check out BMO field for TFC- get a Soccer (yeaah I said soccer) Club- fill it everytime (once again see BMO).
Personally I hate footie- but it's a seller's market in Southern Ontario- check the population base and their roots- never mind the popularity amongst kids. Jeez! CFL- dead in the water or waterfront I should say.

T Roberts

Elections coming everyone. Ever think of term limits. Or should they only apply to POTUS- 2 terms. Sadly even George Bush had more on the ball than Fred. But then it could get even scarier- who is there in the wings that has made themselves known and has "any" leadership skills? Sort of Like the Federal scenario.

Tom Robertson

If negotiations are supposed to be secret why is Scott Mitchell publicly offering a bribe to the city that if they get their stadium Hamilton will get the Grey Cup. The confidentiality agreement has now been broken and all negotiations should be made public.


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