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I don't know why he would hold a press conference in Waterdown unless he was going to announce his candidacy.
My impression of Larry is that he works for those who support him financially. He won't work for the best interests of all Hamiltonians.

Allison Gowling

So Hamilton will have a choice of mayor; an incumbent who cannot lead, and a candidate who can neither count nor lead.

This is atypical of what Hamilton has to choose from, and suffer with, are massive egos with no leadership skills.

Perhaps everyone should move to Burlington, Kitchener-Waterloo, Brantford or Haldimand?

Hamilton, because of its long and glorious history of having buffoons, egomaniacs and meglomaniacs in the Mayor's office and on council, deserve such an exodus.

Allison Gowling


Halleluja! Freddie is quaking me thinks.

Allan Taylor

Go Fred. You are a very bad mayor but it still beats the alternative

Ward 2 Resident

Maybe he is running for ward 15?

Michelle Hruschka

Emily: I just read your article in todays Spec, gee, you have forgotten to mention all the other people who are running for mayor.

What is the popint fo your article, when it is biased, claiming it is only a race between the two people, one of whom pleaded guilty to election financing issues and another who ran on a platform to clean up the brownfields, who now seems to be wavering in that stance.

Why no metioned of Mahesh Butani or Mr Baldersaro, are they not worthy of a plug as well.


This guy is like a used car salesman. Fake smile and all. I hope Hamiltonian's do not forget how he attempted to scam the system the first time around.


I'd rather vote for bozo the clown or even sheila copps. Lets embarrass him so he never rears his ugly mug again.


Larry Di Ianni absolutely works for private interests and not what is best for the city of Hamilton which make him very sneaky..I didn't trust him then and I don't trust him now.


Making Waterdown's Terra Nursery Larry's campaign starting point illustates his vision for open field housing. I wonder who is footing the bill for this one??

Un-developed farm land will be sold off to his campaign donators, as Waterdown seems like a good area to build cheap. Remember all the beautiful orchards Stoney Creek had? Since Larry okay'd developement his "supporters/buddies" were permitted to build in the greenbelt areas, now all the land is housing.

Hamiltonians need to remember when Larry was in power and the scam he pulled even before he became Mayor..who knows what else he did while he held the position. Lets give someone new a try.... they can't do any worse!

Kathy Hagan

Like it or not unless another better known candidate steps in we will be making a choice between Larry or Fred.
This is reality, sadly the new candidates in my opinion do not have the old backroom boys club pulling for them or the funding to remain independent, and they are lacking in expertise.
Emma's lead headline in today's spec was quite clear, she was discussing a Mayoralty re match between Eisenberger and DiIanni. She is not discussing the other candidates at this time no doubt she will in the future.
Unfortunately the newcomers are unknown in politics and while they may be willing to step in and try to lead this city none of them have the education or experience to make much of a job of it.
We do not have much choice,it will be a battle between Larry or Fred. I am waiting to see what Fred will do about the West harbor and make my decision on his leadership.

Michelle Hruschka

It is not a battle between Eisenberger and Di Ianni, there are others running and they deserve that same opportunities and promotion from our local rag. That would be DEMOCRACY!

But then as people, we have to look at a few things. While our local rag only focuses on two people, alternative media, the social media is giving others the chance to speak.

MSM does not particularily like alternative media, they are not seen on the same level, I believe the term MSM uses is that those in the social or alternative media are not real JOURNALISTS!

MSM is corporate, thus it pushes or promotes those who represent corporate interests. Those interests are not always what is best for the people, the common good.

Given what we saw at the G20, where journalists were beaten and arrested, it should be a wake up call for all.

Do you want things to continue on the same old path of unsustainable growth, the degradation of our environment, the growing poverty. We have brownfields that are toxic, yet we are tearing up greenfields for a system that is unsustainable.

Come people think, react, research. Just because the Spectator does no promote someone does not mean that they lack education or experience.


Kathy said:

>Unfortunately the newcomers are unknown in politics and while they may be willing to step in and try to lead this city none of them have the education or experience to make much of a job of it.

Butani may not have the political experience, but he's got three times the education of Fred and Larry combined. Too bad the election will be framed as a 'rematch' between Fred and Larry, when it could be seen as a contest between the 'experience' of two incumbents, and the intelligence of a newcomer.

Dan Jelly

Larry's press conference is at Terra? Good choice of location, the customers will already be accustomed to the smell of manure.

craig duvall

I really find it difficult to vote for anyone that is running here, including the, well, u know,allready in council.Wonder what would happen if no one voted, as it seems all you get is a bunch of BULL at election time anyways,HMMMM


Fred has a college certificate from Mohawk College; Di Ianni has a Master of Political Science from McMaster and Butani has what exactly? A PHD in blogging?


I think Larry will be hard to beat. But I am running for Mayor anyway just because I can't stand something with my name on it sliding into the abyss. I am Glenn Hamilton. My website should be up soon and we will be able to compare life experiences. Hamilton for Hamilton .com. Godspeed


Go larry go! Fred can't lead!


It does not have to be a choice between "Tweedle Dumb And Tweedle Di" their are others running in the race. I would sooner TRUST someone without the so called "Experience" which is a substitute word for Duplicitous Double Dealing.Reading some of the "Posts" on here it is obvious that the so called "Only Alternatives" have their "Propaganda Moles" out in force.
For Democracies sake and the Taxpayers vote anyone but the past incompetents!

Larry Di Ianni

Just for the record. I do not have a Masters in Political Science. I do have a degree from McMaster in Humanities (English) and I have a teaching degree (B.Ed. from Toronto) as well as a Masters in Education...not that it matters. It just sets the record straight. I don't know what the others have, but it really is all about life-experiences anyway.

P.S. I enjoy some of Mahesh's blogs, by the way, being a sometime blogger myself. And good luck to you too, Glenn.

Glenn Hamilton / Mayoral Candidate

Thank you Larry, for wishing me luck. Same to you.
I appreciate you acknowledging the other candidates existence in the race, and playing down the dynamic duo propaganda, in your speech. Its going to be a fun race and a great chance for Hamiltonians to celebrate.

I am Glenn Hamilton Mayoral Candidate and this message is authorized by the Glenn HamiltonforHamilton.com campaign
P.S. Hey Larry, hows that for name recognition!

craig duvall

I vote Bob Young for MAYOR

craig duvall

While we are on the topic of the next election,WHY, is it that Councillor Scott Duvall last week said in a statement that was in the Spec news, that,having experience in the industrial field, that he knows of the problem of chemical waist dumped in the city,but stays mum on the topic.Remember tis at next election plz


wow 30 people showed up. he looks like a real winner..
using eisenburgers Ken Audziss as campaign manager. what a brilliant idea.
grassroots approach,who's he kidding.
will he be driving his vespa scooter to work.
larry go back to your veggie garden and enjoy your golden years

Burke Austin

Welcome to the race Glenn Hamilton, we need choices.

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