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Patrick Keller

Common sense...East Mountain. Too bad this site was not considered at the start of considerations...we would have been well under way with construction by now. With all the development in the same area, this is the logical choice.


Shutting down Merulla, after they have all had Fenn's draft report for days, is just a tad uppity coming from Mayor Fred.


It will be interesting to see Fred flip-flop and tap dance today as he softens/changes his position. Fred is no longer in a position to shut down Councillors questions - his pathetic leadership on this issue so far has resulted in him being thrown out of the drivers seat - he's now just along for the ride. The one thing this fiasco has demonstrated is that arrogance, stubbornness and unwillingness to listen are not desirable leadership qualities. Fred needs to go...and in just over three months he will be gone!

Deb A

What a sad day. Downtown Hamilton will continue to look like an overgrown graveyard, inner city kids will once again lose out and another city will be saddled with a white elephant that has no long-term useful purpose.


Good idea from Mr. Clark, there is even room to do that too, Google maps confirms it. As to Fred, yawn. He's only one vote.


And here we go.

$5 - $10 Million for new on ramps.

Oh and Ryamal and Stone Church and Upper Mount albion will have to be widened and have sidewalks added. Another $2-3 Million.

Oh and water,wastewater and stornwater will have to be upgraded through this whole area, even though it was just built last year. Another $5-10 Million.

Who wants to bet the Bob Young or the province will pony up the money for that? Not likely. Infrastructure is clearly a Municipal responsiblity (so is future maintenance costs BTW).

Allan Taylor

This is a great day for downtown. Now city council can go back to a plan of parkland and residential development that the previous master plan wisely proposed.


Grey Cup on the East Mountain, that doesnt sound like an epic grey cup party in the streets of hamilton. Sounds like everyone will hop in their car and spend their money elsewhere.

Paul S

In regards to McCarthy's comments- it is a colossal shame that such narrowed minded individuals are managing our city! Jimmy Thompson Pool, Iver Wynne are legacies from other events in the past that have served many diverse individuals over the years. Imagine if we did not hold the those 1st Commonwealth games in 1930? For 80 years what was left behind served many in Hamilton very well. I wish people would just think of the well being of the city instead of their own personal crusades. Good responsible management means looking at all options and how they will impact us going forward. Investing now means greater results later. Imagination and leadership is required. Hamiltonians deserve that.


Wow, actions speak louder than words. The Ti Cats are tired of hearing Fred talk. We've all seen on this one that Fred says one thing in public and another in private. It's no wonder the Cats and the Government of Ontario are frustrated with him and have had to put a deal together in spite of him.


This is a terrible day for downtown. This east mountain site is a catalyst for more suburban expansion at the cost of downtown. Infrastructure dollars will now have to go to building and maintaining new roads, while downtown continues to rot. There's a reason that other cities are developing their new stadiums downtown. It acts as a catalyst for other developments, something our city desperately needs. Our population density in downtown is dangerously low as it is. Without a robust tax base in the core, our city will collapse, this could just be one more step to Hamilton becoming not only a ghost town, but also just one big residential subdivision.

Name Mixing

Scott Mitchell? Do you mean Scott Duvall, Dave Mitchell?


Scott Mitchell is the president of the Tiger Cats. I mention him at the very beginning of the post.

Anton Mesrobian

@D - the Grey Cup is an event that goes beyond what happens at the stadium. We held the Grey Cup at Ivor Wynne and it isn't exactly "downtown".


GOOD FOR YOU MAYOR FRED! do NOT abandon west harbour


Of course they want TAXPAYERS to pay for the on-off ramps to deliver people to the stadium so the Ticats have an easier time earning the parkign revenue.

What a shame. Again, we're increasing sprawl and subsidizing developers out of our pockets.


Only Mayor Fred would think it's a bad idea to toss the boat anchor (West Harbour boondoggle) over the side when his city-building ship has clealy been broad-sided and sinking fast, just like the titanic.

Meanwhile, instead of sticking around to help Mayor Fred bail, many Alderman are jumping ship, or walking out of the room like McCarthy, good news she's not running again in the municipal election, don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Paul S

Let it go Fred.

Allan Taylor

p break. Wow some people are really grasping at straws today. The fact is we may get a stadium in spite of Mayor Fred. Michael Fenn did us all a favour and opened the subject up to honest debate. I still believe the Rheem site would be the worst thing for downtown. Much better to do the parkland residential plan that was scrapped for this ill conceived plan

Mike M

While I have some concerns with the West Harbour location for the proposed Pan Am Stadium (i.e. congestion impacts on the local residential areas), I have far more serious economic and environmental concerns about locating the stadium on the city’s periphery. Doing so is based on thinking that was in vogue 30 or 40 years ago. Nobody, I mean NOBODY builds stadia on the periphery of cities anymore. It was deemed a colossal disaster whenever it was tried in the 1970s and ’80s, and so since then, nearly every stadium or arena that has been built in North America in the last twenty years has been located downtown. While not every one of these projects has brought tremendous economic spin-offs for the city, most of them have. While locating this stadium adjacent to a highway and on ‘clean’ and easily developed land may seem like an easy solution, it is a terrible decision in the long run. Exactly how can anyone get to this stadium without driving? This will become a car-dependant facility. In an age when we are trying to encourage people to abandon their car dependence, we should be making decisions which support this, not make it even harder.

Please, do the right thing and consider what is in the best interest of the city – reject this suburban site, and encourage a downtown facility. The downtown facility could help to rehabilitate the inner core of this city. While the proponents of the suburban site argue for the spin-off development benefits of retail in the surrounding area, do we really need more suburban power centres? Why not have the facility downtown and have that stimulate urban retail and commercial activity. This is something that is badly needed.

Anton Mesrobian

How much would remediation costs be for the "dirty soil" at the WH site? Surely not any more than the cost of the on-ramps?

Mike Russell

When I first heard about the 74 million the Cats were going to add, I thought great now we are talking. but after reading the breakdown it is a bad deal.

The East mountain location is going to cost another 20-30 million in infrastructure upgrades. There is very little public transit to the area. Shuttle buses will work on game days but with no public transport the stadium will be inaccessable for anything but cars the rest of the time.

Then there is the land costs which will be at least double those at the West Harbour. Who is going to pay all this extra money.

At first look the East mountain sounds good but look a little deeper and you are going to find all kinds of hidden costs that the city is going to be on the hook for. It's all smoke and mirrors.


Got news for you, Mayor Fred has abandoned the West Harbour already. The body is dead Fred and you buried it with your awkward and uninspiring leadership style, or should I say non-leadership style.

If Oranje were to see you play, they'd banish you to the sidelines!!!


How much parkland does the north end need? Parklands don't contribute to the tax base, they subtract from it.

Why is this suggestion always thrown out there when a large parcel of land is up for grabs? Just turn it into a park. Right next to bayfront park. Which is right next to the Pier 4 park which is just down the street from Eastwood park and is connected through bike trail to Princess Point park and the RBG parks.

It's nice to have all this green space, but come on.

BIll Sykes

Reading the "Shenanigans" of this Council is like a cross between the "Carry On Gang" and "Yes Minister" it would make a World beater Great Homegrown - Tragic/Comedy Movie.
The Tragic part being the Hard Earned Taxpayers Dollars being wasted on a money losing idea that no Sane Private Entrepreneur would risk a Red cent on unless they could "Conn" A "Gullible" bunch of Politicians into taking all the "Risks"!

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