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They'd better if they want to be re-elected. Public sentiment is definitely behind the West Harbour. Hey, if nothing else, the ff's recommendation gives them cover for walking back all the verbal support they gave the EM site when Bob Young flashed around the $74m that turned out to only be $15m. Not even enough to pay for the parking lot let alone the stadium.

Allan Taylor

I think that council has no choice but to over rule the Future Fund Board if they want a stadium anywhere. There is no way that taxpayers are going to accept a $5M per year expense to pay off the loan no matter where it is. Secondly its painfully obvious there is no private sector financial support for the Rheem property site as a Pan Am Stadium site. That means not only will they have to over rule the loan aspect of the recommendation they'll also have to over rule the location recommendation unless there is suddenly a group of private investors that are willing to put up the money needed to complete the stadium project at Rheem. If there are investors for Rheem it will be built. If not the choice is the East Mountain or no Pan Am Stadium at all

Voter waiting to see

Build the stadium where it will serve the people of Hamilton best. West Harbour seems the better location because it revitalizes a part of the core. Paving the East Mountain does nothing for "city building".

One need only take a look at Pittsburg and their revitalized waterfront. Certainly one of only a few good things I've ever seen Mayor F. do was to visit Pittsburg and see what they have done.

Remember the Pontiac Silverdome, on the outskirts of Detroit? Built at a cost of $220 million in 2009 dollars, it was sold in 2009 to Greek-born Canadian real estate developer Andreas Apostolopoulos, CEO of Toronto-based Triple Properties Inc., submitted a winning bid of US$550,000. There have been promises to revive it, but it currently serves as host to monster truck rallies. (See wikipedia). Just one of many failed US cities attempt at "suburb building" where the core collapses and the overtaxed suburbanites flee, leaving a tiny shell of a city that can't afford anything. Sound familiar? Not yet? Just wait.

The Ti-Cats haven't been stellar tenants based on the very small sweetheart deal they have on rent right now. Why on earth do you think it will be anything different with a new stadium? Why is one tenant being allowed to control the process? For Hamilton's sake, do the right thing for the city, not some tenant waving a few million under your nose.

Councillors -- Find the principles and backbone you claimed to have 3 years and 9 months ago when you asked us to elect you. You represent us. Listen to us now, or in 3 months.

Steven Sheen

I don't support spending of any monies for an east mountain location for the stadium with so much to be spent on new roads etc just to sit there and be hidden in a corner sort of speak.I just cant figure out why the obvious most logical decision to build the stadium at the west harbour is not being agreed on with out so much indecision.The west harbour already caters to summer activities.Bayfront Park,the marinas,the open space,its all a part of a nice day,A stadium i think would only benefit the area.People want easy access to public transportation/taxis etc,and being at the west harbour and near the downtown would provide that.Access in and out of the area is defenatley an issue and should be thought out carefully to fecillitate easy traffic and pedestrian flow.

Tom Robertson

Allan what private sector support does the east mountain site have other than Bob Young's promise of 15 million which will not cover the costs of the parking lots and the ramps and bridge required on the RHE and the Linc. The west harbour site has attracted some interest from the the Katz group and Weststar group. These groups will not make any commitment until council confirms the site.


As usual since amalgamation, there is no agreement on where the stadium should go as it seems to be a 50-50 split. This issue highlights that Hamilton is not really a city but a bunch communities forced together by the Harris government that to this day still don't want to be together. This is not about a suburban versus a just outside of Hamilton downtown stadium. It's about for once not defining community building as how much we spend on the old city of hamilton. Enough is enough maybe no stadium is better - especially for taxpayers.

Voter waiting to see

I note with interest that Rome is having problems with it's stadium (http://www.cbc.ca/arts/artdesign/story/2010/07/28/colosseum-private-sponsors.html)

Perhaps we can disassemble their stadium brick by brick and offer them a site (East Mountain)? And while we don't have any lions, we do have tigers. The poor citizens of Hamilton being fed to the tigers, unceremoniously. Wow.

Voter waiting to see.

Michelle Hruschka

I went to this meeting and I was glad I went. I was very impressed with the community members of this board, who spoke and gave their own personal feelings as what this fund is suppose to represent.

This fund is supposed to be a legacy fund and that the capital amount should never be depleted.

Wendy S

If the stadium goes to the west harbour, nothing will happen. Hamilton will still stay the same. There will be no improvements until there is a change in the way the City as a whole (including all suburbs and rural areas) is run differently. Does anyone know what the goal is for Hamilton? What kind of city do they want to be? Which city around the world do they want to emulate?

On a recent trip to New York City (a city people actually like to visit), the tour guide stated that Manhattan developed north throughout the city along with the expansion of transit. You want a stadium with no parking? Then build the HSR so it reaches to all areas of the city and is effective -- or don't use my tax dollars to build a stadium I am unable to enjoy.

And on the news we lost the track stadium to Toronto and in return will receive a soccer complex, I say great! We need to build up our soccer skills and get a team in Hamilton -- and maybe the World Cup!

Nick S

The decision was already made. It will be interesting to see which members of Council will be part of the 2/3 reconsideration (if at all). We lost the track and field, I hope you don't lose it all.

It is great news to see soccer in Hamilton. Hope that can still work in the West Harbour. I know everyone I talk to in my ward (2) is really excited to see the development happen in the west harbour.


why has it taken this long for the Future Fund board decision to speak up?

remember people the Future Fund money was our overpayment to hamilton hydro over the years and when they sold to horizon the councilors decided to keep the money instead of giving us rebates or lowering our taxes..
this Future Fund board should have no bussiness holding back our cash for any improvement,its not their money.. its ours

Kathy Hagan

I also was at the meeting re the future fund, if the councillors ignore the recomendation it will be a huge issue come election time.
I think the stadium will be lost to Toronto and this whole inept council from the Mayor down will take the hit. Too bad for downtown Hamilton it is definately not a dump but there wiil be no anchor for revitilation and few politicians with the vision to make it reality.


We the Hard Pressed Taxpayers of Hamilton are already funding this project below to the tune of $1,000,000 so why do we need another Soccer Stadium not everyone is a "Sports Nut" put it on the next Electoral Ballot and lets see "Democracy In Action" instead of a bunch of idiots who could not organize a "P*ss Up" in a Brewery deciding!

Redeemer University College Announces Plans for $4.8 Million Soccer Complex

Peter Reid
Tuesday, September 01, 2009

World Class Soccer Facilities Coming to Redeemer
Plans are underway for a new state-of-the-art soccer facility for Redeemer University College. The complex is valued at $4.8 Million dollars and includes two separate artificial turf fields.

David Sweet, Member of Parliament for Ancaster-Dundas-Flamborough-Westdale and MPP Ted McMeekin, Minister of Consumer Services, announced today that Redeemer University College will be receiving $1,000,000 from both the Recreational Infrastructure Canada Program in Ontario (RInC Ontario) and Ontario Recreation Program (Ontario REC) to fund construction of a shared-use soccer facility at Redeemer University College. Councilor Lloyd Ferguson announced that the City of Hamilton is also looking at ways to support the project. Redeemer will partner with Ancaster Soccer (a local soccer club) to raise the remaining funds.

The current Redeemer soccer field will be transformed into a Class ‘A’ artificial turf field with lights and bleachers. The second field, which will be the main field utilized for major competitions and varsity games, will also be a Class ‘A’ artificial turf field. It will have lights and bleachers as well and will include a temporary dome for the winter time covering the entire field for practice, events, and competitions all year round. The main field will also have a permanent clubhouse situated beside the field and will include home and visitor change rooms, washrooms, offices, and concessions.

With the addition of the soccer complex, the Royals varsity programs will see an immediate impact. Both men’s and women’s soccer teams will be training and playing on fields equal to the best in Ontario and among the elite in the OCAA. Because of the inflatable covered structure in the winter months, it will also allow the teams to train and compete throughout the off-season and winter months. The two turf fields will allow for more flexible varsity practice times as well as the ability to host major events. The complex will allow the indoor soccer programs to have all-year access to a practice facility as well as provide the opportunity to host indoor tournaments and events.

Aside from the improvements to the current varsity soccer programs, there are many other benefits to the soccer complex. Redeemer’s Campus Recreation program will be revamped and will also see benefits as it will provide another space for intramural and extramural activities. It will grant the ability to run more programs indoors throughout the winter months and allow for more participants. The complex will provide Ancaster and the City of Hamilton and the surrounding area with a Class ‘A’ field for rental and for hosting events. The field will be available for public use and will offer the space and opportunity for player and coach development as well as for clubs, leagues, and academy’s to train and run programs all year long.

Construction will begin once the remaining funds are in place and Redeemer’s Board of Governors has given its approval.

Take the most "Sensible" option and fix up "Ivor Wynne Stadium" so Football and Soccer could be played there instead of WASTING more Taxpayers Dollars on Grandiose Schemes
that will Bankrupt us all!

Maureen Rieger

The development of the west harbour site also included the light rail transit system for Hamilton. If council continues to bicker and be indecisive we also risk the possibility of being put at the bottom of the list for LRT.

Its time for council to put their foot down and do what is right for the residents of this city. Private business does not have the right to dictate to the citizens of this city when and where to spend public money.

If the cats want a stadium built up the mountain then they need to build it themselves. Its not great loss for them to leave this city and go elsewhere given they only play here 10 times per year.

Its time our tax dollars did something positive for the city as a whole, and not be wasted on private enterprise.

I won't go to either site given that I live in Flamborough, but I would like to see something positive for the residents of the downtown area.

Yves Dubeau

The Future Fund is not an overpayment! The Future Fund originated when the city transferred Hamilton Hydro in what it is now. Horizon borrowed over $100 million against it's assets and transferred these funds to the city. Now, us, customers of Horizon are repaying this debt on our monthly bill.
Yves Dubeau

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