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This is all about the fine art of negociation. It's too bad that it has to play out in the media.


Just when you think Hamtown couldn't look any more stupid, here we are. Even small town hicks that we usually laff at are now laffing at us.


Sure Robbie lets do the "Dirty Dealing" in Camera behind closed doors, where that pesky Media Cannot alert the "Taxpaying Peasants" of how their being SCAMMED! You obviously failed "Democracy 101" and should take yourself and your Totalitarian thinking off to a part of the World where it unfortunately still is in Vogue, as you for sure ain't Canadian! Damnit all, our "Boys" are fighting to prevent people like you taking over,Shame.

Allison Gowling

This nothing new.

The brainless twits, the egomaniacs and the selfish morons with their own agendas are still hard at work, continuing to keep Hamilton the laughingstock of Canada, if not world.

Eisenberger could not lead council, let alone himself, out of a large empty closet, with the door open and a light on, or find his own behind with both hands, a map and a mirror.

And he wants to be re-elected?

Mind you, Di Ianni should not be elected, unless he can show he knows to use an acabus.

Incompetent mayors and selfish, mindless and arrogant councillors who only want their agendas taken and will not compromise with anyone, have been the hallmarks of council, both City and Regional, for over 30 years.

This stadium debate has shown everyone just what complete and utter idiots the Mayor and council really are.

It would never happen, but it would be nice to see all of these buffoons no get re-elected.

However, that will likely not happen, however, hope springs eternal.


Scott Mitchell for Mayor. It's a no-brainer he has shown the ability to create brilliant strategy even in the face of overwhelming odds. The ability to find and spend other peoples money against their wishes and have them believe it's his to spend and he is just being generous. Last but not least his 'City Building' skills, 'Satellite City' brilliant.

Steven Sheen

Very tiresome,And i just don't understand why the obvious and most logical location hasn't been chosen yet. Despite what the cats think the west harbour is the best location for many reasons.Mostly the west harbour of course is a summer place that caters already to events and lets face it would people rather be at a waterfront setting or in a field in a corner on the east mountain.Building two big costly venues will of course add much more spending.People want easy access to public transit/taxis,etc.I feel if the stadium was built at the west harbour the downtown would benefit greatly,more people,and maybe more businesses.

larry hometown

you get what you deserve-----apathy will kill you---if you did not vote sit back shut up

larry harvey former civic employee----and lover of hamilton

Glenn Hamilton / Mayoral Candidate

From, Glenn Hamilton Mayoral Candidate

Re:Stadium Site Location Negotiations

If architect firms and developers could be summoned to make a beautiful stadium structure proposal and surroundings that enhances that limited, valuable, exclusive, shore line property, as per previous blog comments I made about shore line beautification and somehow meet the needs of Downtown and that historical sport institution, the Ticats, that would be heaven. I think its possible and I thought the Whitestar concept got close. More work to do. The bottom line is that whatever goes in the West Harbour must motivate people to live downtown, and by the stadium. It must greatly increase our density and opportunities for viable businesses to succeed, especially the Ticats. Creating jobs and customers in these businesses is key. I believe the West harbour property is the most valuable piece of real estate in Hamilton, bar none. Our big chance to create utopia by the water. Our own, Marina Del Rey, if you will. So lets do that. Obviously the special needs of the Ticats must be addressed seriously and in a business case that makes sense for them and the city. Originally I thought that property was to valuable, to put a stadium on paradise, but if it can look beautiful and enhance the shoreline I'm for it. Great architects that take out the tracks and create a whole new waterfront community around that stadium is essential. Who wouldn't want to live there by the shore line, beach, pools, bike trails, fishing, trees, and marina (as I described in other blogs) The City Council must make friends with Bob Young, sit down in front of him and his associates, and in logical, detail truly address his needs one by one with that site plan or other versions he likes for the West Harbour, and close the deal. That could mean a full week with both parties on each side of the table. Including Bob. I would do it at the Williams Coffee Pub on the water so Bob could see his fate in that majestic atmosphere. If Bob went along with it he could grab the best shoreline property development ever done in the world (Green ,Best in class) and he could be a part of it. It is the best retail site Hamilton has to offer. I have been in professional sales and service for at least 25 years or more and if I wanted him there I would see that he was happy there. I believe this deal is the Hamilton Downtown paradigm, and a game changer, as Dr.Cooper Or Edgett might say. That is, if done correctly.

Vote Hamilton for Hamilton

This message authorized by the Glenn hamiltonforhamilton.com campaign (Web site under construction)

Kindest regards,

Glenn Hamilton
Mayoral Candidate


Fred has been duped and he is trying to dupe the city. The faster he decides not to run the better off we will be.

Say what you will, Di Ianni would not have made us look like a horse's derriere.

Brian Henley +

This time I frankly have a lot of sympathy for city council on this. There is a lot of money at stake as well as the need for a well-planned city building initiative involving a stadium and other Pan Am related issues.
Councillors are being expected to make sensible judgments based on constantly shifting positions of the Tiger Cats and based on very vague proposals and financial committments by that organisation.
I also think that senior City Hall staff are being asked to do a lot intense work in a short period of time to provide council with the advice needed.
Last evening, I watched the CFL game played in Montreal - an exciting location for such an event - a downtown location. That atmosphere, not to mention attendance, could never be replicated in a suburban location surrounded by a parking lot.


Why worry about the tiger cats we have a white Elephant called copps Coliseum sitting empty Downtown except when it is competing with hamilton Place for Concerts.
This was Built over 30 years ago to hold a hope-for N H L team by a bunch of "Dreamers" who seemed to have passed their overately optimistic thinking on to the present forecasters who should invest in a crystal ball


the old boys club of hamilton are running the show at city hall.. the councilors and mayor will bend over backwards to please them..
if they say west harbour its that site..
remember the old boys own alot of land that they want to unload on the tax payer and its not on the mountain
remember city hall and what happened there

Burke Austin

Allison, I couldn't agree with you more. And Brian I agree with you too, Imagine a warm summer night watching a Ti-Cat game in Hamilton on our majestic waterfront. Thousands of people would be there, stolling along the waterfront trail or maybe having fish and chips at Hutch's or Go-kart riding or mini-golfing or at the wave action pool, the list goes on. On a clear night you would have a great view of the CN tower. Easy access for people by car, easy access for people on bikes especially for inner city and mountain people to access with the construction of the pedestrian bridge over the QEW which will be ready for use this fall. What I would like to know is WHY was Confederation Park yanked off the table? maybe Chad could answer that for me and others I am sure

Allan Taylor

You won't be getting my vote Glenn I agree that the West Harbour is the most valuable land in the city but forcing a unwilling participant into a completely unworkable stadium model that doesn't belong there is not my idea of visionary

Brendan Simons

No NHL team
No Rapid Transit funding
No Pan-Am game venue (betcha by the time this is over)
We'll probably lose the Ti-Cats too (though good riddance to ungrateful guests at this point)

Hamilton is living up to tradition. Sigh.


Fred is spinning...and the TiCats are fuming. This is now about whose fault it is that we are losing the PanAm Games...Fred, take my advice: Bob Young's name is NOT on the ballot, yours is.

You are sealing your already tenuous fate!!!


What a riot! Flip-Flop Fred is on for West Harbour, then he's quoted as saying the East Mountain will be where it is, now he's back on West Harbour and has nerve to say that all candidates need to have a clear position. Is this guy for real? Thanks to Fred's lack of leadership, we're on a stadium collision course where no matter what happens half the city won't be happy. That's not leadership. Fred now seems to be guided by the magic 8 ball - it's quite pathetic. Fred is trying to drag down all mayoral candidates with him - I say let him drown on his own. The decision made next week by Council can not be undone, so the preferred location of any Mayoral or Council candidate is irrelevant. If Fred want's to make the position of other candidates on the stadium relevant, then Fred, kindly answer this "What was your position on amalgamation?" The best thing for Hamilton is for Fred to handed his walking papers on October 25...by thousands not 452 votes.


When was Fred ever quoted as saying it would be at the EM? He's been solidly behind WH from the beginning.

Now Di Ianni on the other hand, he originally supported WH, but after refusing to commit ever since he declared his candidacy for mayor, came out in favour of EM on CHML this morning.


I was listening to CHML this morning and it seems to me DiAnni said that either site would do as long as a decision is made.

Who was Andy listening to the voices in his head?


Andy obviously doesn't listen to CHML because Fred was quoted on the Bill Kelly Show saying it would be East Mountain. It was then featured on their website. Flip Flop Fred has no clue what he's doing and this stadium fiasco is just another example. As a former MP and Stoney Creek Mayor once said, "Fred is a light-weight." Maybe finally this stadium issue will blow him over and he can go back to be a stay-at-home dad, consultant or unemployed.


If you had been listening to CHML this morning, you would have heard Di Ianni say that he supported the west harbour in 2007 but it is "no longer workable". So if the west harbour is no longer workable, it must mean he supports the east mountain, so he's a flip-flopper too by his own admission.

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