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Edward HC Graydon

Dear Emma

I am so sorry for the mix up. I had sent the media release to the Spectator,but I was under the impression that a response would follow.I looked to see if the release was published ,so I could be there at 9.00,but I did not see the release this morning when I checked the Spec.com. Last night was the all candidates meeting and I stayed until they kicked us out I took the bus home around 11.00 after my ride did not show to pick me up.I am sorry that I did not arrive until later ,but I believed the Spectator was not interested in my release,but I was still going through with my plan to visit each food bank and homeless shelter,only a little later

Again ,I was really looking forward to bringing the issues of homelessness to our city and really wanted nothing more than to have met the spectator to follow up on the story inorder to shed light on a major issue in our city.

I am so sorry to have misunderstood the process of media releases.I have no excuse but to say a cold has brought me down and with the lack of sleep I messed up.

Yours truly
Edward HC Graydon

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