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Confederation Park works for me. Issue Municipal bonds to cover the cost.


Make the final decision tomorrow(Wednesday). If they can not agree on a site say goodbye and stop wasting money. Bad after bad. This city is not going anywhere, the same people are in office just like the people want except for a couple. One I believe is another misguided tree hugger, so she is against any thing that the city wants to build. Good bye Ticats it's been a blast!

There is too much corruption in our city politics and it has not changed in 30 years!

Yves Dubeau

Interestingly Collins has been on the radio today stating that 2/3 majority is needed to re-open consideration of Confederation Park! I tend to believe Emma that they do not require 2/3 and last term is what it is!


'Over my dead body.' That's what I said months ago about a stadium at Confederation Park. Glad to hear I can remain upright for another while longer.

@ Frank:

"There is too much corruption in our city politics and it has not changed in 30 years!"

And your suggestion is...?


Und zo...?

Mark-Alan Whittle

Hamilton, where failure goes to die.


It wasn't Merulla who used the phrase. It was Pat LaForge, President of the Oilers who said, "residents must be feeling like ground hog day.”


Unless you have it on tape, as I cannot locate a reference anywhere else.

Steve Sheen

The city can still make this happen and i will tell you how.Go with the original plan of either the East Mountain or the West Harbour site's.If the two sites were no good at all they would have never been brought up in the first place.So then go for it Hamilton,get it done.

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