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Everytime I've seen Mayor Bob this way in coucil...I've thought he is all show and NO positive action.


I'm willing to give bob a chance. Its unfortunate that alot of issues in this city are governed by outside influences. That along with constant disfunction amongst councillors make the city almost impossible to deal with.

Yves Dubeau

I believe that Bob is wearing the chain of office for another reason than pomp. There is a good line in one of the numerous sections of "Band of Brothers" movie. Winters the charismatic Captain in the movie, physically comes across the detested previous battalion commander player by David Schiwmmer (sp?)and he ignores or refuses to salute Winters a more senior officer than Schiwmmer, Winters tells him that saluting is a function of respecting the rank and not a salute to the man in the uniform.
Bob during his campaign had promised to bring back decorum in council chamber and he thinks that councilors might respect the "chain of office" even though that they might not respect the man wearing it. What I have noticed is that councilors did cranked it up in the dressing department. They all wear ties with the exception of the female councilors and so far so good. Nothing to do with pomp I say!

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