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I am not sure how they come up with their dollars and cents on this but my belief is the Integrity Commissioner is on the payroll. How does that person account for the expenses? I do not know how the expenses are accumulated so how how could anyone make a comment?

Lastly the integrity commish is a farce in itself since councillors sit on the committee. Is that where the expense is comming from? Integrity commissioners should be appointed or hired through the Province with no ties to council at all! Understanding their concerns but no I do not believe people should pay unless ther is a blatant false accusation then it should go to the courts under liable.


I think Basse is a joke only interested in fattening his wallet. After all if the complaints stop coming, so does his paycheque. I think the councillors have a point. Look at the three complaints that were thrown out: two were frivolous and one was based on an axe to grind by an employee of the councillor. This is an abuse by citizens which cost us a lot of money. If they want to pay for their frivolity, go ahead.
Legitimate complaints will not cost the complainant a penny. If one is frivolous, give your position a second thought. Or pay the price.

After all, the libel laws of the land are structured around the same principle.

Yves Dubeau

If Jackson's idea of having the complainant to pay the cost of the investigation which could be upwards of $15,000 when the complaint is found to be frivolous then he shouldn't have any problem when a councilor is found to be in violation to pay as well the cost of the investigation!! Without any mechanism to appeal any decisions rendered by the Integrity Commissioner it would next to impossible to pursue any stupid ideas originating from Jackson.


I'm curious about something. When councillors and staff spend money on their friends, pet projects to make themselves look good or ridiculous things like integrity commissioners behind closed doors, then come out and plead poverty when it comes to benefit citizens, is it a reflection on the city itself or the nutbars we vote for.

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