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The pure gluttony of backroom politicians rubbed right in our collective noses.


Larry's antics aside, I do like that Ted is making regular visits to City Council- I wish more of our representatives from upper levels of government would do the same, maybe it would reduce the amount of disconnect between governments.


Toronto has had an Office of the Lobby Registrar since Feb 2008. They staff 5 people with 2-3 positions currently vacant. Their staff handle lobbying for 44 Councillors and 1 mayor. Hamilton could make due with less than half the staff.

The Toronto By-Law governing Lobbying is here - http://www.toronto.ca/legdocs/municode/1184_140.pdf

Thanks for the info. I hope one day you never have to say that again about lobbying

Mark-Alan Whittle

I'm still the only person listed on the voluntary Lobbyist Registry, which should be mandatory.

The committee tasked with drafting this legislation has yet to be reconstituted for 2011, and has yet to meet.

Obviously there has to be more than a few lobbyists plying their trade in Hamilton, only a fool would think otherwise.

That's Hamilton, get used to it.

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