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But just put some music behind it! Anything ambient!

Allan Taylor

What a waste of money. The LRT will destroy the city but fortunately we don't have the money to pay for it and therefore don't need to worry about it

Mark-Alan Whittle

The total estimated cost of building an LRT line in Hamilton is approximately $800 million. No other government has offered to foot the bill. In the real world this is called a "pipe-dream", never going to happen.


thats the most ridiculous thing I've seen yet. redoo that video with the reality of 200 cars, delivery trucks and buses getting in the way.


its the emerald city from the wizard of ozz ,
the first thing you see in the funny video is the sign on the bldg. loans... and the downtown will be that empty if they try to build the lrt


They always look better in the summer time.
How about the same video in the winter.

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