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Paul Wilson

I have a fine 15-inch company-issue steel-edged wooden ruler in my top drawer, the kind we used to give out to clients. It's from the '80s and it says "The Spectator — Reaching 1/2 million readers daily." Today we promise half that many.
So in these challenging times, it's not a bad idea at all to shake up our A-section.
In the last town hall session, Pat Collins said he hoped we could do more than operate on a basis of "managed decline."
So, bolder the better. Moving local news further back in the A section may seem radical, but we did it that way for years. Maybe it's worth trying again.
The A section is all prime real estate. Advertisers know it, readers know it, I know it.
After many moons in the A section, I moved down to GO in the revolution. At this stage of the game, I like my steady space at the bottom of GO2, but I know there are former readers who still haven't found me there, and others who just run out of time before they get back there.
Yup, the A section gets read first, longest, best. If A is in trouble, we all are.
So it makes sense to try some new crops — or replant some old ones — on this prime land.
A page full of pictures? Go for it.
A page for Casey's context feature? You bet.
Fewer institutional stories? I've heard that call for 25 years... but, sure, let's do it.
Shorter stories? Could be a good idea, though they're harder to write than the long ones.
And now I've gone on way too long... thwack, thwack, with the old Spec ruler.

Bill Dunphy

You want my two cents worth?
I’ll need some convincing before I buy pushing local news — the only way we can serve our readers better than anyone else — deep into the section in favour of a collection of briefs, photos and analysis of world and national news. I understand the thinking, I think, but at this preliminary stage I’m still from Missouri.
I welcome, however, a renewed emphasis on providing readers with multiple entry points into a story and a determination to make greater use of non narrative story-telling.
And lastly I think Tom Hogue's idea of having letters from readers interspersed with the news is a TRULY Revolutionary idea - and a great one at that.
Bill D.

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