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Joan Walters

I thought our new weapons of terror front was one of the best concepts I've seen in a while. Forget whether we would tweak this or twitch that and just think about why we may have done it that way. If our A-Section renovation is purposed to give readers what they say they need, then the most important point about the terrorism story is the one Bill D. made above. Our paper hit doorsteps about 24 hours after everybody knew almost every detail. And . . . it's been made clear that one of our new duties is NOT to be the source of hot national news, which our readers will get elsewhere, always. So giving them something useful and different in an easy-to-digest format as we did on Friday seems pretty basic. The decision to zero in on the products you can no longer take aboard a plan as the focal point was a good call, given that's what most people were discussing (in my world anyway), not who the terrorists were. And the recap and tutorial of the main points of the story on the front didn't take away from a reader's right to go inside for a deeper look (although maybe we could have made that option more prominent). All in, I thought it was brilliant.

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