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August 10, 2008



Thanks for the analysis, Bill. Indeed much was left to be desired -- a lesson in what is possible even when news breaks at the worst possible time for every daily paper.

Mike G

Absolutely! Putting together something like this was a very powerful idea in my mind after the massive and exciting internet coverage of Katrina, years ago, and it still hasn't really come together in the way it really could.

Soon, soon. Hopefully.


You sound like another nitwit complaining about people not voluntarily chasing enough ambulances for your liking. I'll start a fire tonight if you promise to cover it.

Dean Betz

Excellent post, Bill. Great analysis of the coverage, and how do it better. My newsroom will learn from this.

Bill Dunphy

Thanks Dean, I appreciate it, coming from someone with your experience. While a lack of newsroom resources undoubtedly had a lot do with how the story was handled, I'm sure that much of it is simply a failure to think through how to handle these kinds of events and then develop a simple protocol or action plan for it. I tried to address that in the follow-up post.

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