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August 12, 2008


Tim Burden

What? And admit that MSM doesn't already know everything?

Excellent analysis, Bill. Enjoying your good blog on new media from a Canadian perspective.

Number 6 is my favourite - shows why newspapers should keep good geeks on staff.

Bill Dunphy

Thanks Tim - I think you're right about the need for geeks on newspapers staffs (for the record I'm not a geek - I can't code - I'm probably more of a nerd). I think you're going to find that over the next five years applicants for newsroom jobs had better have a handful or two of demonstrable web skills - blogging, video, audio editing, etc. (I love the Simpson video clip "Your medium is dying" you used on your Tampa Tribune post...) - Bill


Bill, had a newspaper from Belgium (Le Libre) point your post out to me. I think it supports your point that our software (built to do the kind of things you suggest) has much greater uptake among european, australian and u.s. based newspapers than my own country. I've personally begged the Globe, Star, Sun and National Post to put it to use...no dice. Meanwhile, millions of readers in other countries have read live blogs from newspapers using CoveritLive...and i've never had to even ask them to try it...they just figure it out. Unfortunately, I can take the subjective argument out of the equation, our data shows me a big BIG lag on this kind of stuff in my home country.

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