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September 21, 2008



Bill, I was reading through your presentation, and one of your tools took me to this


Perhaps consider this a "What not to use Twitter for" in any future lessons!

Bill Dunphy

Hi Tim,
There was quite a bit of noise in the media end of the blogosphere over the story of the reporter "twittering" a funeral of a small child killed in a traffic accident. I don't happen to be one of those who are upset by it: sitting quietly in a church and tapping out short reports on a cell phone keyboard is mildly disresepectful, yes. But no more disrespectful than making those same notes on a pad of paper and putting them in a story later.
Reporters always risk disruption and disrepect by the mere act of doing their job, whether it's at funerals, royal weddings or Olympic games. We watch, we record, we report.
The only material difference here is the speed with which the reports get out - and I see no increased disrespect there.
It's a pretty non-invasive way of reporting.
What does anyone else think?

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